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Autism Counselling

Autism Counselling

Are you or your loved one living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and seeking extra support? At Minds Online, our team of psychologists and occupational therapists specialise in therapy services for teens and adults with Autism.

We understand the wide range of challenges they may face, including communication, social skills, motor skills, anxiety, depression, and sensory issues. That’s why we offer compassionate yet practical online therapy and counselling. We employ tailored assessment techniques, and mental health support strategies.

These can help to improve relationships, boost emotional regulation, foster independence and self-esteem, and improve societal integration and inclusion. Contact us today and link in with our convenient online mental health services.

What is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a complex neurological and developmental disorder. Challenges with social interaction and motor skills, sensory processing, speech and nonverbal communication, repetitive behaviours, and unique strengths and differences characterise it. Autism exists on a spectrum, meaning it affects people very differently, and supports needs to be highly specialised and tailored.

How Does Autism Counselling and Therapy Services Help?

Through personalised telehealth counselling sessions, our mental health counsellors create tailored treatment plans that help to develop skills around social interaction, emotion regulation, and self-esteem and more. We spend time understanding the root causes of challenges and to introduce healthy coping strategies. Our goal is to improve quality of life and foster independence.

The approaches we often utilised are:

  • Social and skills and effective Communication training
  • Mindfulness-based interventions
  • Parent support so families can better support progress
  • Sensory integration
  • Emotional regulation skills
  • Coping tactics to manage life transitions or challenges in daily life

Why Choose Our Autism Counselling Services?

Autism Counselling Services

What sets Minds Online Telehealth apart is our autism specialisation, telehealth delivery for convenience, and consistency with therapists. Benefits include:

Experienced Mental Health Specialists Our autism counsellors have years of focused and extensive experience successfully treating spectrum disorder in neurodivergent people.

Dedicated Therapist

We match each client with one compassionate licensed clinical or registered psychologist or occupational therapy expert dedicated to overseeing their treatment journey. By working with the same counsellor regularly, you get to know each other well allowing for highly personalised care tuned to your unique needs.

Secure Video Counselling Sessions

Our autism therapy takes place through private, HIPAA-compliant video chat counselling sessions. We prioritise your privacy, which is why we use the most secure channels when communicating with our clients. Convenience at Its Best No commute is required – simply access your weekly appointments from the comfort of your home or office for convenience. This saves the time and money you’d have used on the road.

Practical Techniques

The skills you’ll learn from autism counselling are tailored to the challenges you may face regarding communication, social interaction, emotion regulation, and repetitive behaviours. We aim to foster a therapeutic relationship that empowers neurodivergent people to create positive change through practical daily living techniques.

Start Your Autism Counselling Journey Today

Ready to try our autism counselling and support? Contact our friendly team now. We offer affordable autism counselling rates and flexible scheduling. enquiry today to take the first step in unlocking your full potential!



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